Mothers Day

I’m thankful for all the things my mother does for me. I am thankful that my mom (Ilea Wall) loves me even when I did something wrong. I am also thankful that she gives me a place to call home and a warm bed to sleep in. I am also thankful that she brought me into this world. On Mother’s day I gave my mom a card and she said she loved it.

Heather Brewer

Heather Brewer is a outstanding author. She wrote the series The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod and has started a new series The Slayer Chronicles. Heather Brewer is 38 years old and she is alive. Heather Brewer has two kids. She is married. Heather Brewer won the Truman Readers for her book Eighth Grade Bites. Heather Brewer was born in Lapeer, Michigan. Heather Brewer was born on September 21, 1973. Sh was raised in Columbiaulle, Michigan. Heather Brewer is 38 years old. Heather Brewer is alive. Heather Brewer has 2 kids. Heather Brewer has no pets. Heather went to Mott community collage. Heather Brewer also went to Ferris State University. Heather Brewer also went to Central Michigan University. Heather Brewer dressed in all black as a kid. Heather Brewer writes young adult fiction. She graduated from Lakeville High School in 1992. She wrote the Vladimir Tod series. The Vladimir Tod series has five books in it there is Tenth Grade Bleeds, Eighth Grade Bites, Ninth Grade Slays, Eleventh Grade Burns, and last but not Least Twelfth Grade Kills. Heather has also written the Slayer Chronicles which is coming out this September. Heather Brewer As a kid loved to read and she still reads like she did as a kid. Heather Brewer New York Time’s Best Selling Author.

Earth Day

On Earth day I promise to not waste paper. I also promise to turn off my TV when I am done with it. I will also turn of the water when I am brushing my teeth. I will also save water by taking a short shower. I will also save water by not letting the water run when I am cleaning the dishes.

On April 22, 1970 Earth day was founded. Since April 22, 1970 Earth day has become a globle holiday. Earth day was origonally a enviormental movment. In 1990 Earth day went globle with 200 million people and over 140 nations. Now days over 1 billion people are involved in Earth day activites.

Way people can contribute to earth day:
1. Plant a tree
2. Save wwater by taking shorter showers and not leave the faset on
3. Walk or ride a bike to where you need to go to save money and gas
4. Plant a garden
5. Donate stuff instead of throwing it away
6. Recycle what you can (plastic cans paper)`

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Eleventh Grade Burns

The title of my book is the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Eleventh Grade Burns. My book is written by Heather Brewer. The genre is fantasy. There are 312 pages in this book. The main characters in this book are Vlad, Henry, Nelly, Otis, D’ablo, Meredrith, Em, Joss, Vikas, Dorian, and the Council of Elders. The plot of this book is that Vlad meets the Council of Elders to know if Otis is going to die. In this book Vlad almost kills Joss (one of Vlads old friends who is a vampire slayer). Vlad ends up going to New York to meet the Council of Elders. Vlad thinks that Joss had taken Vlad’s father’s journal. I would recomend this book to others because this book has fantasy action and heart felt moments. My favorite part was when Vlad almost kills Joss because it is probaly the most action this book has in it.This book was written by Heather Brewer. This book is called The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Eleventh Grade Burns.

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Tenth Grade Bleeds

My book report is on The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Tenth Grade Bleeds. This book is by Heather Brewer. The genre is fantasy. There are 382 pages in this book.

The main characters in this book are Vlad, Henry, Tom, Bill, Greg, Vikas, Otis, Nelly, Snow, Eddie, October, D’ablo, Jalisk, and Ignitas. The plot of this story is that Vlad is being hunted by Ignitas, D’ablo, and Jalisk. The plot also is that D’ablo is after a way to take Vlad’s special Pravus powers. Also that it is harder for Vlad not to feed on humans. An event that take place is at the Crypt and Vlad gets attacked by D’ablo. D’ablo cuts him takes his blood to start the ritual to take Vlads Pravus powers. I really liked this book. I would recomend this book to others because it is action type book. I loved it when Vlad almost kills D’ablo. This book is called the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Tenth Grade Bleeds by Heather Brewer.

The Giant Panda

The Giant panda is a wonderful animal. This animal’s scientific name is Ailoropoda Melanoleuca this means black and white cat foot. The Giant panda is black and white. This animal is in the bear family. The giant panda’s habitat is central-westeren and south westeren China. This animals diet is 99% bambo occasionilly it eats grass, wild tubers, bird meat, roadents, carrian honey, eggs, fish, shrub leaves, oranges, yams, or bananas. A male Giant Panda can be up to 4 to 6 feet tall and 75 centimeters around and weigh up to 330 pounds and females can weigh up to 280 pounds and are 10 to 20% smaller then males. The Giant Panda is a territorial animal. The Giant Panda is reffered as the living fossil. The Giant Panda has larger molar teeth. The enemies and threats to this animal are Asian Golden Cats, Leopards, Jackles, Wolves, and Yellow Throated Martens. The Giant Panda is a endangered species the people are helping them by keeping them in zoos ansd trying to stop people from cutting down bamboo forests like how they cut down rain forests. A Giants Panda’s lifespa changes by is they are in zoos or the wild. A Giant Panda that lives in the wild normaly lives from 10 to 20 years. A Giant Panda that lives in a zoo normaly live from 20 to 35 years. A Giant Panda cub is very small. Cubs only weigh 90 to 130 grams which is about a 1/800 of a mothers weight. A Giant Panda’s tail is 4 to 6 inches long and is the second largest tail in the bear family. The Giant Panda is truely a mighty animal.

book talk Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Twelfth grade kills

My book was called The chronicles of Vladimir Tod book Twelfth grade kills. This book is by Heather Brewer. The genre is fantasy. There are is 325 pages in this book. This book has 45 chapters. This book is a New York Times best seller.

The main characters are Vlad, Henry, Snow, Eddie, October, Kristoff, Joss, Abraham, Meredrith, Em, Enrio, Tomas, Otis, and Nelly. The protaginist is Vlad. The antaginist is Tomas. Plot of this book is that Vlad thinks he is going insane because he thinks his father is alive even though he was told he was dead. He lost his father’s journal. The vampires elder council is about to chose Vlad’s fate life or death. My favorite part was the ending. I would recomend this book to other others because it is a book that people could re-late to because it has romance in it and I know that everybody has had a crush on someone or how some people don’t know their parents or their parents died. That concludes my report on The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Twelfth Grade Kills.

My Great Grandma

My great grandma’s name is Helga Schmidt. She is the type of preson that would never want anything for herself. She only needed never wanted.She is a strong woman. She came here from Germeny to follow the one she loved. She came to America with a child and the one she thought was the one. She married the one she loved. She gave him respect, but he could not do the same. He cheated on her again and again. They were married for seven years. The frist two years he was faithful but for the last five years he cheated on her. She was told after she had divorced him by some of her sister-in-laws said she should have stayed with him, but she knew that it wasn’t what she needed in life. She is my great grandma because she is my moms grandma and my grandmas mom. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She has five childern. Theirs my grandma Evelyn, Debbie, Diana, Carol, and Bryan. My grandma Evelyn is the oldest she is the one that my great grandma came to America with. My family calls my great grandma oma because in german that means grandma. These are things I have been told by my family members manly my mom and grandma. I don’t know very many things about my oma. I want to ask her about herself because I feel that don’t know anything about her. It kills me to not know much about about her. I want to know more about her. She is such a good preson that if I was a tenth of what she is as a person I would feel that I had become a better preson.

the titanic

My wife and I and our son Jimmy had decided to buy first class tickets to go on the Titanic. When the day came that we were finally going on the Titanic we were extatic. We went on the Titanic on April 10, 1912. My son had just turned eleven. We were on our way to the Titanic. Once we got to the dock we saw a lot of people. When we were aborad we headed staright to our rooms to drop of our suit cases. When we finished it was about noon so we were done so we went to lunch. We headed to the kitchen and we didn’t know where it was so I had to ask for dirctions about nine times. Once we got there it was about 1:30 ish and we were starving. Once the person came to ask what we wanted I wanted a steak medium rare, my son wanted mac and cheese, and my wife wanted a salad. The food came out fast but mine took a little longer. So I waited thinking that the service was terrible but once it came out I don’t think it was there falt but I was still not happy about how long it took. When we were done eatting I went to play poker I was terrible at jambleing. Once it was about 6:30 p.m we ate dinner and the kitchen was packed and the service was worse but I think that this time it was beause there were more people here to eat. I was thinking back on the day I remember seeing the captin he had a white beard and looked very calm. I did a lot of things on the boat I ate three meals a day with my family and played poker every other day. I did that for days until April 15, 1912 unknowing that thhings were abut to change.On that day I did all the samethings until after dinner. The captin told us to get of the boat only a few got on each lifeboat. I didn’t get on one because I read in the paper that this boat couldn’t be sunken.At the last minute I saw that we were sinking I was scared that my family wouldn’t be safe so I got my family on a lifeboat I was happy that my family had be safe on a lifeboat .I stayed and died on the Titanic with the captin and the men and women that had been working on the ship. As we went down I saw that the captin standing looking calm.


komodo dragon story

Today, my father and brother are coming with me to the Indonesian jungle for my research on that jungle. Plus they think that this is the last time they will see me before I go to collage. Right now we are on the plane on our way there my father thought it was a special time so he bought first class tickets. We just landed. Were getting our backpacks now. We are on our way to the hotel now. The hotel was nicer then I thought it would be. The first I did was take a nice long three hour nap and the bed was nice and soft. I woke up feeling nice and refreashed. It was still early enough to take a look at the jungle. I got ready to go and told them to stay here and wait. I left and walked to the jungle. As I was walking admireing the the beauty of the jungle. I saw a rare butterfly and it started to fly away so I fallowed it. As I was fallowing it I triped and lost my glasses. I found them put them back on. And something lounged at me and bit me. I couldn’t tell what bit me but I still got away thankfuly. I started to walk back to the hotel with what i thought was a minner wound. Once I got back ia started to fall alseep on my bed. I woke up the next day and the bite wound was getting infected. I chose to go to the doctor while my father and brother werwe eatting so they wouldn’t notice. I walked a mile to get to the hospital. I fell staright when i got in and died a bad death that might have been able to have been avoided.